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iWayAfrica re-launches Ka-band service with exclusive no equipment contracts
1 September 2015

Dandemutande Investments (Private) Limited, a licensed Internet Access Provider operating the AfricaOnline, iWayAfrica, Utande and uMAX brands in Zimbabwe, has announced the re-launch of its iWayAfrica Ka-band VSAT service with a new nationwide campaign targeting households and businesses. The re-launch introduces affordable VSAT broadband pricing while completely removing the need to purchase any equipment upfront. iWayAfrica is exclusively offering 12 or 24-month contracts with free equipment subject to a nominal standard installation charge of $155, removing the huge barrier to entry for customers who require VSAT services.

Monthly service charges commence from $80 for 1Mbps with a 15GB data cap for the home. Additional value added services on speed guarantees and public IP addresses are also available for businesses from $314 for 2Mbps with a 50GB data cap. These prices are quoted inclusive of VAT and subject to a 24-month contract. All service plans include free browsing from 23h00 to 06h00 everyday as standard.

iWayAfrica’s set-up fee factors in the newly approved $20 annual Ka-band licence fee, which came into effect this week. Nhena Nyagura, Country Manager for iWayAfrica, commented that “iWayAfrica has been deploying VSAT services in Zimbabwe for over 10 years. We feel strongly that the new licence structure with accompanying iWayAfrica service plans will deepen internet penetration in Zimbabwe. It is well documented that every 10% increase in broadband penetration can trigger an additional 1.4% positive economic impact. iWayAfrica plans to lead this drive and continue its positioning as market leader in VSAT services in Zimbabwe for affordability, coverage and customer service”.

iWayAfrica’s VSAT service is simple to install, practical, durable and now even more accessible for both businesses and individual customers alike. New enquiries are requested to contact sales@iwayafrica.co.za or call the 24/7 customer support line on (04) 76 000 400 for more information on getting connected.


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