Virtual Post Office

This product allows you and your business to have email addresses using your company or personal
name. This gives your business a more professional look through the use of aliases/virtual addresses.

 Stable, fully-managed, E-mail servers.

 Access and manage your mail from multiple places

 Integration into mobile devices

  Protect your network from viruses and spam

 As many aliases/virtual addresses as required can be created

 Unlimited, 24 x 7 Support


How it works - if for example your company name is Projects Incorporated, an email account is created, and a domain such as can be registered. A host of aliases can now be created so that to the world you can be, or with your website url as


There are two options for connectivity:

1. Email only access which can be set up on your cellular phone, laptop or desktop or
2. Access via your server. Bring your server to us and we will install Linux and as many aliases as you require.



• As many aliases/virtual addresses as required can be created
• Convenient for managing communication on your website
• You essentially have more than one email address - the original email remains unchanged and the aliases all point to the original.



• This gives the business a more professional and larger image to your target market
• Can be accessed anywhere in the world via
• Fixed monthly pricing