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Fibre Broadband

Secure, reliable, feature rich, high speed Internet connectivity is critical for your business growth and operational execution.

 Perfect platform for voice, video and data

 Stable, high-speed internet access

 Scalable, reliable and cost-effective

 Available in all the major towns & cities

 Fast, secure and redundant first-world access

 Unlimited, round-the-clock support


  • Flexible Service Plans

  • Features

     Fast, reliable, dependable

     Durable –low signal degradation

     Wide range of speeds

     Widely available

     Versatile and scalable performance From single point-to-point high-speed links to integrated enterprises with hundreds of servers

     Reliable – sustains an enterprise with assured information delivery

     Supports multiple topologies

     Carries high bandwidth over long distances

     Secure medium for carrying sensitive data

  • Benefits

     Ideal for heavy users and businesses heavily dependent upon Internet access

     Stable, more efficient communication tool e.g. for businesses using Skype

     Improved collaboration reliably connecting people, ideas, information

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